Dealing with school when you have cancer

Bet you never imagined that you would miss going to school! School is a major part of your life and probably where most of your friends are. Going to school as much as possible can help maintain some sense of normality while you’re coping with cancer.

When you are having treatment and are feeling sick, you won’t always be able to keep up with what’s going on at school. You may be worried about missing out on activities or special events, even schoolwork, plus whatever is going on in your friends’ lives.

Ask your doctor or nurse if there is someone from the Youth Cancer Service or from a cancer organisation who can visit your school to tell the teachers and students about your cancer.

Your YCS teams might include – or can put you in contact with – an education/vocation consultant who helps young people who have missed a lot of school to keep up and prepare to return.

Getting back to school

Many young people who have been through cancer treatment say getting back to school as soon as possible is not easy, but helped them get back to ‘normal’ again.

After a long time away, it’s normal to feel nervous about going back and worried about how people will react. You may feel self conscious about any physical changes. Or you might be worried about catching up on work, or maybe even having to repeat and being a year behind your friends.

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