Services for young cancer patients

Canteen provides a range of specialist services for young people with cancer. In addition, all young people impacted by cancer can attend our highly regarded events and programs, speak to a counsellor or use our online support service Canteen Connect

Youth Cancer Services
Specialist treatment and support for young people with cancer aged 15-25 is provided by the Youth Cancer Services (YCS) based in major hospitals throughout Australia. About 75% of newly diagnosed young cancer patients are now being treated and supported through the Youth Cancer Services.
Robots Service
Being diagnosed with cancer can often mean being stuck in hospital or at home. It can also mean missing weeks – and sometimes months – of school. Canteen robots can help you stay connected to school, friends and family.
Education and Career Support
Get expert advice on keeping up with study or work as well as improving your job readiness skills.
SPACE Program
Connect with other young cancer patients and develop coping skills to manage the impact of cancer on your life.
Cancer Answer app
Ask the questions that matter to you and listen back to answers in your own time.