How we help

Cancer affects everyone differently. That’s why Canteen provides a wide range of free support services to help you overcome the specific challenges you’re dealing with.
You’re not alone.
Sometimes it might feel like your family or friends don’t really get what you’re going through, but you’re not alone. Through Canteen, you can meet and support other young people who understand how you feel because they are dealing with similar stuff. You can connect online 24/7 with Canteen Connect or attend one of our events.
Counselling and individual support
At Canteen, you can talk to a specialist counsellor about whatever is on your mind. They can help you deal with the challenges you’re facing - and just listen. We can also help you with things like changing relationships, managing school or work alongside cancer and finding ways to cope with what life looks like now.
Books and resources
Read or download free resources to guide you through the challenges of cancer
Services for young cancer patients
Find out more about specialist services for young people diagnosed with cancer
Parent support services
Canteen is here to support you through the parenting challenges that cancer can bring
Our impact
Young people impacted by cancer are up to six times more likely to face mental health issues like anxiety or depression than their peers. After just six months of support from Canteen, almost two thirds of young people report improvements in their mental health and overall wellbeing. We use an evidence-based approach to ensure all of our services achieve the best outcomes for the young people and parents we support. For every $1 invested in Canteen programs, we return an average of $5.46 in social value to the community.