Canteen counselling

Canteen understands that cancer affects everything, from how you feel and think, to your relationships and stuff like education, work and finances.
Counselling services
Canteen counselling services are confidential and completely free. Our counsellors and psychologists are specially trained to understand the challenges cancer brings and you can talk to them (online or face-to-face) about thoughts or feelings that you may find hard sharing with others. They’ll also help you develop strategies to deal with the impact cancer is having on your life – and just listen. Support is available no matter where you live. Contact us or join the Canteen Connect community to chat to a counsellor online.

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Beyond Bank is helping to reduce the mental health impact of cancer on young people by partnering with Canteen to provide more than 550 free face-to-face counselling sessions.

Individual support
Cancer affects everyone differently, which is why we work with you individually to help you deal with the specific challenges you’re facing. We can help you manage school or work, changing relationships with friends or whatever is on your mind. We talk to you about the type of support you’d like and need, then work with you to make it happen.