Sibling's cancer

Whatever your relationship with your brother or sister was like before, it’s likely to change – for better or worse – now that they have cancer. Canteen is in your corner.  We can help you manage changing family dynamics, connect you with other young people and help you develop coping skills.

You’re not alone
Sometimes it might feel like your family or friends don’t really get what you’re going through, but you’re not alone. Through Canteen, you can meet and support other young people who understand how you feel because they are dealing with similar stuff. You can connect online 24/7 with Canteen Connect or attend one of our programs, like Explore.
Counselling and individual support
Cancer affects everyone differently, which is why we work with you individually to help you deal with the specific challenges you’re facing. We can help you manage school or work, changing relationships with friends or whatever is on your mind. Our counsellors are specially trained to understand the challenges cancer brings and you can talk to them (online or face-to-face) about thoughts or feelings that you may find hard sharing with others. They’ll also help you develop coping strategies – and just listen.
sisters in flannel shirts hugging and are upset. image for cancer support for families
young person on the couch looking at her phone and another young person sitting down in front of the couch. family cancer
If their cancer can’t be cured
There is no rule-book to follow when your brother or sister is dying and there’s no right way to feel. But there is help and support.