School support

Young people impacted by cancer are up to six times more likely to experience high levels of psychological distress, which in turn can significantly affect their educational outcomes as well as their participation at school. They can struggle with maintaining focus in class, engaging with curriculum and maintaining friendships. In addition to Canteen’s wide range of free services available to all young people impacted by cancer, we provide additional support options for schools.

Interactive school-based program
Canteen’s free and interactive school-based program – When Cancer Comes Along – is a 90-minute interactive presentation which educates school students in years 9 and 10 on what cancer is, how they can lower their personal risk of cancer later in life, the impact of cancer and much more. After participating in the program, 93% of students reported they learnt more about cancer, and 72% felt more comfortable seeking medical help for possible cancer symptoms. The program also aligns with the national curriculum for health and physical education.
Individual support
If a student needs additional support, you can connect them with a Canteen clinician to develop an individually tailored care plan.
Free resources
Canteen provides resources to help friends and classmates understand what dealing with cancer is like and how they can help.
Helping you help them
Tips for school professionals on how to support students when cancer crashes into their world.