Cancer information

Every year, cancer impacts the lives of 23,000 young people. To help you better understand this disease, here is some general information about the different types of cancer and cancer treatments. Whether you’re dealing with your parent’s cancer, a brother or sister’s cancer, or your own diagnosis, we have got your back. Canteen provides a wide range of support services to help you overcome the specific challenges you’re dealing with, including cancer counselling, books, events and more. 

Cancer types
Cancer types are usually categorised by the location where the cancer started, the type of cells that are affected and how quickly the cancer can spread. This section goes through the different types of cancer and general information about them.
Cancer treatments
Although cancer is very complex, modern medicine has made significant progress in cancer treatments and management over the past few years. In this section, you can read through a list of the main types of cancer treatments.
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The hidden increase in youth cancer

Although the overall survival rate for 15-24 year olds diagnosed with cancer has increased, it is not all good news. There are still aspects of the latest youth cancer data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare that Canteen is concerned about. Read about them in this article.




Free and tailored support
Canteen provides specialist support services for young people impacted by cancer, including counselling, individual support, events and more.