Death of a loved one

Getting the right support when someone in your family has passed away is so important, but asking for help can be tricky too. Canteen is in your corner. We can put you in touch with a specialist counsellor and you can also connect with other young people dealing with grief and loss through Canteen Connect


Good Grief program
This three-day program gives you a chance to learn about grief and how to cope with it as well as talk about your experiences with other young people who understand. It’s not just about the tough stuff though – there's also time to just have fun. Good Grief is open to young people across Australia and separate programs are run for under and over 18s.
People who get it
While you might be surrounded by heaps of sympathetic people who are trying to help and support you through the grieving process, you might also still feel like no one really gets what you’re going through. At Canteen, you can talk openly to a specialist counsellor who can help you cope with changing relationships, anniversaries and birthdays as well as ways to honour and remember your loved one. Plus you can chat to other young people who understand what this is like through Canteen Connect.