Getting Support

Getting the right sort of support when you’re coping with cancer is very important. While there may be lots of people looking after the physical side of things, it is just as important to look after your emotional wellbeing.

It’s normal to feel really isolated – like no one could possibly understand what you’re feeling and going through – but there are people out there who do.


Who can you get support from?
  • Try starting with someone in your YCS team – they care for and support young people with cancer every day!
  • Usually, you might lean on your parents, primary carers or partner. They can be a great source of support but there might be stuff that you don’t want to talk to them about just yet. You might also feel like it is harder to talk to them if they are struggling to deal with your cancer themselves.
  • Some friends are great at saying the right things and supporting you, and sometimes others may not really get the whole cancer thing. This is okay, our friends sometimes need some guidance on how they can best support us.
  • If you feel like you want to talk to someone outside your family and circle of friends, a counsellor is always a good option. You might be thinking, ‘No way, that’s not for me!’. But counselling might not be what you think. Counsellors are trained people who are very good at listening to what you say and helping you to make sense of it. Often you can talk to a counsellor by phone, email or online, or meet face-to-face if you want. Canteen also provides a free and confidential counselling service.
  • Ask a member of your treatment team or social worker at the hospital to recommend a counsellor who specialises in helping young people with cancer, or check out our list of cancer support organisations and groups.