ClinTrial Refer App

Canteen is delighted to inform you that a new app outlining suitable clinical trials for AYA cancer patients is now available on iPhone and Android.

The app ‘AYA (15-25 year olds) cancer trials’ has been developed in partnership with ClinTrial Refer and currently includes more than 500 trials across many disease states and therapeutic areas. Any new trials entered by app managers that include the AYA age range are automatically added.

  • Why is the ‘AYA (15-25 year olds) cancer trials’ app important?

Being able to quickly and easily identify available clinical trials has obvious advantages for busy clinicians. One of the app’s main benefits is that it removes the need to search through trial criteria in order to ascertain whether AYAs are eligible. In turn, this enables searches and referrals to be conducted during patient consultations.


  • Start using the app

Get ready to use the app in three easy steps:


  1. Download the app.

Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for ‘ClinTrial Refer’, or use the links below.

Download for iPhone 

Download for Android


2. Enter your details.

3. Select AYA (15 -25 year olds) cancer trials as your default app.

Then you’re ready to start searching for trials! Tap on ‘Search Trials’ and complete all or some of the fields as required.


About ClinTrial Refer

ClinTrial Refer’s aims are to build networks, break down barriers, improve access and drive trial recruitment. Find out more at