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ReCaPTure LiFe

What's the project about?

ReCaPTure LiFe (Resilience and Coping skills for young People To Live well Following cancer) is a new online support program for young cancer survivors which enables them to share their experiences with other young people and learn new ways to get back to ‘normal’ after cancer.

We are offering two different types of groups through the Recapture Life program. Both are groups run online, but are slightly different to one another. If you decide to take part in this program, you will be able to choose which group you take part in; both include a six-week online group program (which works like SkypeTM), with sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes and led by a Canteen counsellor.

In the first type of Recapture Life group you will have the opportunity to connect with other young cancer survivors, but also to learn helpful coping skills to manage some of the common issues that young people face after finishing cancer treatment; for example, managing worries about the cancer coming back, or dealing with stressful social situations that may have come up since you were diagnosed. You will also receive a booklet in the post about the program with a bit more information on these new coping strategies.

The second type of Recapture Life group focuses on connecting with other young people and hearing their stories. The focus is on what young people can learn from each other’s experiences rather than learning particular coping skills.

Both types of groups are facilitated by Canteen counselling staff, but you don’t need to be extremely worried or distressed to take part – the groups are designed to be helpful no matter where your head is at since finishing cancer treatment.

You will be in an online group with 3-5 other young people and a Counsellor who will be working with the group throughout the 6 weeks. You can see the other young people who are in your group on your screen. They will be a similar age to you; the groups run for 15-17 years, and 18-25 years.

Topics which will be discussed include: Common experiences of young people during and after treatment, reconnecting with friends after cancer, dealing with tricky thoughts, getting back into hobbies, and how to work towards future goals when cancer has gotten in the way.

You will also learn about how to manage difficult experiences and thoughts (e.g. how to deal with your cancer experience in tricky social situations).

This program helps to link young people up with others to talk about common experiences and some new ways of dealing with getting back to ‘normal’ after cancer. This program gives you an opportunity to learn ways to manage difficult thoughts (e.g. fears of the cancer coming back) and share your feelings with others who have also experienced cancer as a young person.

This program is for young cancer survivors aged 15-25 years who have completed treatment and were no younger than 13 years at the time of treatment. You can live anywhere in Australia and don’t have to be a Canteen member to take part.

If you would like to take part in Recapture Life, you need access to the internet and ideally a computer which you can use in a private location with a webcam, a microphone and a headset. If you are interested in taking part, but don’t have all of these things, please contact us so we can chat to you about ways you may be able to participate.

If you would like to know more about Recapture Life, please contact [Canteen Online –1800 835 932] or the Recapture Life coordinator Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly [, 1800 990 056]/0437 791 421]. You can also look at the ReCaPTure LiFe website by clicking here.


If you would like to know more about Recapture Life, please contact [Canteen Online –1800 835 932] or the Recapture Life coordinator Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly [, 1800 990 056]/0437 791 421]