Evaluation project - Education and Careers

Co-design of the Education and Career Service 


Using Intervention Mapping to Develop an Education and Career Service for Young People Diagnosed with Cancer 


Young people diagnosed with cancer experience disruptions to their education, and career development. Young people report an unmet need for dedicated support to help them achieve their education and employment goals. There is a need for evidence-based practice in this area that accounts for the contextual determinants of education and employment outcomes for young people, and that are consumer value driven. 

In 2020, Canteen employed Education & Career Consultants and commenced offering education and career service to young people diagnosed with cancer. Support offerings include career assessment and advice; support with return to school, work, or study during treatment; and job readiness skills training.

This project seeks to increase understanding of education and employment outcomes and support needs in AYAs diagnosed with cancer; assess the applicability of conceptual education and career frameworks such as the Illinois Work and Wellbeing Model and the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) to this population; and to develop a theory- and evidence-informed Education & Career Service for young people living with and beyond cancer. 

These project aims will be achieved by utilising the Intervention Mapping protocol to develop the intervention. The systematic Intervention Mapping framework provides a six-step protocol for developing, implementing, and evaluating theory- and evidence-informed interventions.  

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