Research Project - Family Resilience

Family Resilience Research Project

The Family Resilience Research Project explores how a parental cancer diagnosis affects family functioning over the course of a year. The primary aim is to identify what characteristics, attitudes, and behaviours help families to maintain or restore healthy family functioning and individual mental health outcomes during this time. 

The results of this research will help us to understand the characteristics of families that may require extra support in the future and determine what support will help families in this position. 

We are looking for families to participate in this research. Specifically:
-    parents diagnosed with cancer in the last nine months who have children aged 8-25 
-    their partner (if applicable and willing)
-    their children aged 12-25 (if applicable and willing)

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to fill out three surveys online or on paper (your choice). One now, one in 6 months, and one in 12 months. Each survey will ask about the cancer, your family, and your feelings. After the second survey, you will be asked about your willingness to participate in a phone interview. You can decide then whether you want to or not. 

Participate in this research
Join our Family Resilience study so we can better support families like yours. Email or call us on 1800 243 007.