Research & Evaluation

Canteen is committed to undertaking high quality research and evaluation that enhances our knowledge, understanding and insight into the needs of young people living with cancer and the most effective ways of supporting them.

We also focus on translating research findings for health care professionals and educators: to raise awareness of the needs of young people living with cancer and equip them with practical, evidence-based knowledge and resources to support young people and their families.

We aim to evaluate our programs and services to ensure that they are achieving their intended outcomes. Information gained from evaluation activities enables us to assess whether Canteen is reflecting best practice and helps us determine areas we can build on or improve in the delivery of our programs and services.

Canteen partners with tertiary institutions, health care services and other not-for-profit organisations to conduct research with young people living with cancer. We welcome expressions of interest for research collaborations where a member of Canteen’s research team will be a co-investigator. We are not able to consider requests for independent research studies. To discuss potential research partnerships or opportunities please contact Canteen’s General Manager of Research and Youth Cancer Services at or (02) 9007 0190