Canteen and Redkite make education and career a priority for young people

August 12, 2020

A shared commitment to strengthening support pathways for young Australians with cancer, has seen Canteen adopt Redkite’s Education and Career Support Consultancy Program for young adults.

Since 2014, the program has helped mitigate the long-term impacts of cancer on the lives of thousands of young by supporting them to reengage with tertiary education or redefine career aspirations.

Sandy Cham, Canteen’s General Manager of Services, said that return to study and work was a particular challenge faced by young adult cancer patients.

“This challenge is being compounded by COVID-19, which has seen young people lose their jobs at higher rates than other age groups,” Ms Cham said.

“That’s why we have embraced Redkite’s successful Education and Career Support Consultancy Program, which we will deliver alongside our other specialist supports for young people.”

Redkite’s General Manager National Services, Nicole Schleicher, said late last year Redkite had refocused its services to address the growing and unmet needs of children with cancer aged 0-18 and their families, and that Canteen was ideally placed to take up the program which catered for the needs of young adults.

“We are immensely proud of the program we created in response to the career and education needs of young adults and we are thrilled that Canteen is taking it forward alongside their other specialist support programs for this older age group.

“Redkite’s long-term commitment to education support for all school-aged children with cancer will continue through education grants and our scholarship program that re-launched this month,” Ms Schleicher said.

Canteen and Redkite see this as the first of many opportunities to collaborate to ensure every child, teenager and young adult with cancer can have their support needs met.




For more information about Canteen visit or call 1800 226 833;
Redkite visit or call 1800 REDKITE.


  • If you’re a health professional and would like to refer a young person to Canteen or the Education and Career Support program, please use our online referral form.
  • Canteen contact: Ali Morgan, Marketing and Communications Manager on 0423 003 798 or
  • Redkite contact: Catherine Lander, Communications Manager on 0412 142 070 or