Canteen's Spectacular Christmas with Delta 2023

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20 Feb 2024

As the curtains fell on 2023, Canteen teamed up with Delta Goodrem to deliver a special segment during Nine’s ‘Christmas with Delta’ that aired on 17, 24 & 25 December. The segment promoted Canteen’s free programs and services that are available for families who live with a cancer diagnosis and encouraged viewers to reach out for support during the holiday period. The program was nothing short of spectacular with a star-studded cast including music and appearances from Robbie Williams, G Flip, Russell Crowe, and more.

Canteen Youth Ambassador Molly Dawson, who was supported by Canteen after her cancer diagnosis, was invited by Delta as a special guest on the show. In a touching moment, the two talked openly about their shared experience battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and what it meant for Molly to have Canteen in her corner at her toughest time.

Molly's journey with cancer began at 17, just after graduating high school. Her story was a lot like Delta's, who also faced Hodgkin's Lymphoma at a young age. Delta's own battle with the disease was a testament to her strength and resilience. At just 18, Delta put her burgeoning career on hold to undergo months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Twenty years on Delta has recovered, since rising to international fame as a singer-songwriter and coach on Nine Network’s The Voice.


Molly meeting Delta Goodrem on the red carpet
Molly meeting Delta Goodrem on the red carpet


Molly's involvement with Canteen was instrumental in her recovery journey. She found a supportive community that understood the challenges of facing cancer at a young age. Through programs and youth leadership opportunities, Molly has thrived and found solace in knowing she's not alone.

Now, four years cancer-free, Molly continues to inspire. Her upcoming milestone of five years cancer-free in September 2024 marks a huge personal triumph. And as she prepares for the next chapter of her life, pursuing her degree in Criminology and her dream career, she carries with her the unwavering support of her friend Meredith, who stood by her side through every chemo session and is now a nurse at a children's hospital.

Molly and friend Meredith in the audience at Christmas with Delta
Molly and friend Meredith in the audience at Christmas with Delta


During the show Delta surprised Molly and her close friend Meredith with a well-deserved cruise on Virgin Voyages.

Canteen would like to thank Delta Goodrem for her support and hosting us for the second consecutive year on the Christmas with Delta show. Delta's message resonated strongly: families impacted by cancer need not face it alone. 

If cancer has touched your life, reach out to Canteen for the support you need. 

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