A slice of generosity - Salt Meats & Cheese nourishing our Young People

Submitted by Analytics oa on 14 Dec 2023
14 Dec 2023

Canteen’s partnerships stand out not only for their generosity but also for the unique ways they contribute. Recently, Salt Meats & Cheese flung open their doors to our young people by hosting interactive cooking classes. In October in New South Wales, 13 pizza enthusiasts embarked on a culinary adventure where they created their own masterpieces and forged friendships as top-notch as their toppings.

Gigi Fleming, Canteen Programs Team Leader Services said:

“It's safe to say we've found the perfect recipe for success: dough, toppings, and a sprinkle of peer connection!”

four young people making pizza dough
pizza dough balls
four young people making pizza dough
three young people making pizza
four pizzas
heart shaped pizza

Beyond the joy of creating in the kitchen, Salt Meats & Cheese also support our young people and their families impacted by cancer by providing catering for all our National peer support programs and events held in our National office. Their contributions go beyond the culinary delights they bring to our table, they've become an integral part of bringing together our community. 

The impact of Salt Meats & Cheese's generosity extends to families and young people seeking respite from treatment. Through our short stay programs, they kindly provide vouchers to their restaurants in Queensland and New South Wales, offering families an opportunity to create cherished memories over a meal. It's more than just a break from treatment, it's a moment to unwind while enjoying good food together. 

Canteen would like to thank Salt Meats & Cheese owner Daniel Saab, Rita Saab, Group Events & Reservations Manager as well as Charlene Saab, Salt Meats & Cheese Group Marketing Manager, for all their support of Canteen this year. In addition, a huge thanks to all employees who have got behind the cooking class activities for Canteen.