Youth Cancer Services

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

If you are an adolescent or young adult (AYA) aged between 15-25 years we recommend getting some advice or a referral to one of our Youth Cancer Services (YCS) at major teaching hospitals in Sydney, Newcastle or Canberra. These services specialise in diagnosing, treating and supporting AYAs and their families.  At these services, we understand the enormous physical, social, emotional and practical changes happening in young people’s lives, and how a cancer diagnosis and treatment can affect all these areas. We also have a lot of medical experience with how cancer in young people can be different to that in children or adults.  Oftentimes you can be referred back close to home for treatment, while sometimes you may need to go to or stay at a major teaching hospital in the city.

Find out more about services offered

Your doctor (General Practitioner), staff at Emergency Departments, and most other qualified medical professionals can refer you to our services.  You, or your family, can also make direct contact with one of our services by following the links below.