What's your new normal?

Many young people and families think that life will just go back to the way it was once cancer treatment ends.

But you have just dealt with a life-threatening illness! Your life has seriously changed.

So rather than trying to go back to how it was before cancer you can start the next chapter in your life and create a ‘new normal’. That might mean changes to the things you do, your plans for the future and what you consider important, like:

  • focusing on the present and hoping for a good future.
  • embracing life and celebrating milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.
  • acknowledging the emotions that come with survivorship through things like anniversaries of diagnosis, or the deaths of other cancer patients.
  • joining a cancer support group or program so you can connect with other young people who understand what you’ve been through, and also share your experiences with others. You can join Canteen’s online community for young people affected by cancer.