Youth Leadership in the YCS

The role of the National Youth Advisory Group (NYAG) is to consult to the YCS on issues related to service delivery, development and improvement. The group aims to influence future of care, support, and treatment of adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer, both throughout the Youth Cancer Services (YCS) and other treatment centres. The group is comprised of 12 representatives from across the jurisdictions, each one of them having had a diagnosis of cancer between the ages of 15 – 25 years. Some members were treated in YCS and some were not, affording the group a great perspective on service delivery, improvement and the patient experience of care.


Youth Cancer Services Charter of Rights

As a young person with cancer treated by the Youth Cancer Services, you have the right to receive timely and comprehensive access to:

Youth cancer professionals

You will have access to health professionals who are specifically trained and experienced to treat young people with cancer.


Your treatment will be planned and managed by a team of health professionals from a range of disciplines working together for the best outcome for you.

Premium treatment and research

You will be treated with gold standard treatment protocols for young people with cancer, and have access to new clinical trials at the forefront of research.

Youth-tailored psychosocial support

You and your loved ones will have the opportunity to access psychological and social support tailored for your age group throughout treatment and when transitioning to life after cancer. This may include access to financial information, as well as educational and vocational support.


You will have access to information about fertility options, fertility preservation and associated costs.


Your unique identity and diversity will be recognised and valued through the treatment and support you are given, with the choice of being connected to other young patients.

The Australian Youth Cancer Services support the International Charter of Rights for Young People with Cancer 2010 and adopts all principles within the Charter to ensure best practice care and support for all young people accessing our services.