Saying goodbye to my brother or sister

  •  Put together a photo album. Write little captions about what you remember about each picture.
  • Make a video or voice recording of stories and shared memories.
  • Make a memory box or scrapbook. Collect things that are special to your sibling and remind you of them – like photos, concert tickets, cards, clothes or jewellery.
  • Make a CD or playlist of their favourite songs.
  • Make a cookbook of their favourite recipes.
  • Let them live on, online. Create a website and put up photos, videos, stories, messages.

There are lots of ideas for collecting memories in Canteen’s free book ‘Now what? When your sibling’s cancer can’t be cured’ which you can download or order here.

This is a really tough time, and you may feel completely alone and unsure about what to do next. It can help to talk to other young people who have lost their sister or brother to cancer and find out what they did, or would have done differently. Log in to the Canteen Community. Our counsellors can give you some advice for getting through this too.