Sibling Mindfulness Project


We are investigating whether the regular practice of mindfulness is a helpful exercise in treating feelings of distress caused by a sibling’s cancer, chronic illness or disability. 

Participants receive a free copy of the ACT Companion phone app (available on iPhone and Android) so they can practice mindfulness for an eight-week course. During the course they will receive weekly text reminders and check-ins to help them stay on track.

Participants will be asked to provide feedback about their experiences by filling out online surveys on three occasions. To help us understand who benefits from the app, the surveys include questions about the participant’s wellbeing, the sibling’s health condition, and how this may have impacted on the family.

Participants who complete all three questionnaires will be offered a $25 gift voucher.  They also have the option to take part in a short telephone interview to share their opinions about the app.

The study is a collaboration between Canteen, The University of Sydney, The University of North Texas, and Cook Children’s Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas, with support from Young Lives Vs Cancer in the UK.


Participate in this research
If you’re 15-25 and you have a sibling who has been diagnosed with cancer in the last five years or who has a chronic illness or disability, you can participate in the study. If you’re under 18, a parent/guardian will also need to give their consent for you to take part. Email or call us on 1800 243 007.