Thomasin Powell

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Thomasin Powell
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Research and Evaluation Officer

Thomasin Powell, BPysch (Hons I), MProfPsyc joined Canteen in November of 2018. Thomasin has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours I) from the University of Wollongong, completing an Honours research thesis on self-regulation in young children and whether this can be improved through low-cost means. Thomasin completed her Master’s degree in Professional Psychology with Distinction in 2016. Thomasin is a Registered Psychologist and worked in a clinical setting with adolescents and young people prior to joining Canteen’s RESP team. Thomasin’s projects involve the development and evaluation of Canteen’s psychosocial programs and services, including the Explore, Places You’ll Go (Online), SPACE, and Good Grief programs, and Canteen’s Robots service (TRECA).

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Thomasin Powell, BPysch (Hons I), MProfPsyc