Dr Jasmine Micklem

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Dr Jasmine Micklem
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Senior Research Officer - RAP

Dr Jasmine Micklem, PhD (Medicine), BBiotech (Hons) is a mixed methods researcher with a strong focus on cancer care and chronic disease management; and codeveloping ways to monitor and improve the accessibility, safety, and efficacy of health and supportive care services.    For the past 16 years, Jasmine has worked in cancer and healthcare services research in the public health service, and at both academic and private research institutes, completing her PhD in late 2015.    Jasmine joined Canteen’s Research, Evaluation, and Social Policy team in July 2021. Here she is coordinating research that supports Canteen’s Reconciliation Action Plans, and broader consumer engagement frameworks and practices to improve the accessibility, safety, and efficacy of psychosocial and peer support services for young Australians impacted by cancer. Jasmine is also a member of the Green Canteen Working Group, which aims to reduce and offset Canteen’s carbon footprint.




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Dr Jasmine Micklem, PhD (Medicine), BBiotech (Hons)