Dr Fiona McDonald

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Dr Fiona McDonald
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Research Manager

Dr Fiona McDonald, B.Eng.; B.Psych.; Grad.Cert.Mgmt.; PhD is the Research Manager at Canteen, where she has worked since September 2010. Her research investigates the psychosocial impact of cancer (including familial cancer) on adolescents and young adults, including their concerns and unmet needs. She is also involved in the development and implementation of measures and interventions for this population. She holds an adjunct lectureship in the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney.
Current research projects include the validation of a distress screening tool for young cancer survivors, investigating family resilience during the year after a parent’s diagnosis with cancer, understanding the needs of members of the LGBTI communities who have been diagnosed with cancer, and validating an unmet needs measure for bereaved offspring and siblings.

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Dr Fiona McDonald, B.Eng.; B.Psych.; Grad.Cert.Mgmt.; PhD
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