Angela Wicks

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Angela Wicks
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Policy & Advocacy Manager

Angela Wicks, MHPol, joined Canteen as the Policy and Advocacy Manager in September 2022.

Angela has a background in public health project management, regulatory policy and consumer engagement. Her previous work involved development and implementation of system and service improvements in public health systems, focusing on primary care, mental health, integrated healthcare, and consumer enablement. She also previously worked as a health practitioner regulatory policy specialist, focusing on training pathways and registration requirements for psychologists.

Angela’s current work involves influencing state/territory and federal government policy to achieve better experiences, better outcomes and better futures for young people impacted by cancer. Areas of focus include youth cancer services, mental health, navigation, and timely access to innovative cancer drugs and treatments.  Angela is driven by a passion for social justice, equity, and healthcare that is designed and delivered in partnership with patients, families, and communities. She is proud to be part of a team committed to addressing the psychosocial needs of young people affected by cancer, guided by the voices of young people at every level of the organisation.

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Angela Wicks - Policy & Advocacy Manager at Canteen Australia