Cancer Hub

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When cancer hurtles into a young person’s life, the whole family’s world is shaken. It can be a daunting and confusing time for all – plus difficult to navigate all the support options out there. Enter Cancer Hub.


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Cancer Hub is here to help families impacted by cancer more easily access the practical and emotional support they need, with just one phone call.

Families (with children aged 0-25) only need to get in touch, and Cancer Hub looks after the rest. After all, cancer in the family brings huge challenges and finding support shouldn’t be one of them. 

How it works

This groundbreaking initiative – a joint venture between Canteen, Camp Quality and Redkite – offers support services for cancer patients and families in a ‘one-stop shop’ where specially trained staff identify every family member’s needs and then actively helps them access the best support options for them.



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This includes:

  • Practical help: organising accommodation, financial assistance, cancer education programs and more
  • Emotional support: accessing free specialist counselling and other assistance to help young people, children and parents cope with cancer’s many challenges
  • Connection and respite: opportunities to connect with others in a similar situation and take a break away from cancer at fun events

Cancer Hub is just one of the ways we support young people with cancer and their families. Canteen’s services also extend to parents, because when they cope better with cancer and communicate openly, their children are likely to experience less distress and anxiety.

Find out more about how we support young people with cancer and their family members.

How we help


Get further information about Cancer Hub’s support services for cancer patients and families here.

Living in the Newcastle area?

The Hunter Cancer Hub (The Hub) officially opened its doors in April 2022 to deliver more streamlined support services for cancer patients and families under just one roof.

This first-of-its-kind hub assists individuals and families impacted by cancer in the Hunter region by helping them access support from various charities working together in a single location.

Eight local cancer charities – Canteen, Camp Quality, Sleapy’s Foundation, Leukaemia Foundation, Little Wings, Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation, Cancer Council and Hunter Melanoma Foundation – have united to provide this integrated service.

How The Hub simplifies support

By offering a touchpoint between those impacted by cancer and those who can offer help, the Hunter Cancer Hub gives people the opportunity to make support appointments and provides a safe space to connect with health professionals and other families who are experiencing similar challenges.

The Hub caters to cancer patients of all ages, their families, friends and carers, and is a great starting point if you’ve recently been diagnosed, or to gain support at any time during your cancer experience.

It aims to relieve some of the stress that families and individuals experience when dealing with cancer and its treatment.

The Hunter Cancer Hub is just one of the ways we support young people with cancer and their parents. Find out more about our support services for cancer patients and families.


How we help


See further details about the Hunter Cancer Hub here.