Major gifts and philanthropy

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Linking your generosity to vital support services 

Around 23,000 new young people are impacted by a cancer diagnosis each year. That’s 63 young people every single day who reply on your generosity to ensure they are guided through this journey with age-appropriate, specialist support services. Canteen’s philanthropy team can work with you to create a bespoke program of support across the most critical care needs of our young people, including:

  • Creating opportunities for young people to support each other, such as at our programs and recreation days and online via Canteen Connect.
  • Regular and crisis counselling, available seven days a week across phone, email and online chat.
  • Advocating for better youth cancer care outcomes with state and federal government, all underpinned by our evidence-based research and evaluation team.
  • Provide emotional support for families of cancer patients and help parents and carers cope better with cancer
  • Deliver the right information at the right time, to help young people know when and how to reach out for help.


Hear about the Dwyer family’s philanthropic journey

For us, Canteen has been an amazing experience. From the moment we met with Peter Orchard the CEO, and got an appreciation for his passion, we knew that we wanted to be involved. It came down to how we could best help out with our skill set. We decided to start from the beginning and assist Canteen with updating their ageing computer system and database. This included bringing in new IT expertise to support the changes, all in an effort to better understand the young people Canteen works with and the donors they rely on. Travelling to Sydney to visit the canteen office with our children was a wonderful experience for all of us. We met some of the staff and you could feel the commitment and joy they had for their work. It was an added bonus to also meet some of the young people we’re helping. Listening to their stories over lunch was very sobering – if only we could bottle their enthusiasm, energy and optimism! It is very humbling to see the resilience of the human spirit firsthand. Canteen is such a remarkable organisation that helps guide young people through such a stressful time in their lives. We would actively encourage those who are able to donate to give to this wonderful charity. You won’t regret it.


Learn more about how you can make a difference

The philanthropy team is ready to tell you more about Canteen and work with you to find ways to achieve impact in the area you’re most passionate about, whether that’s research, support or advocacy. Please reach out to: