Canteen welcomes Labor cancer commitments

April 5, 2019

Youth cancer care organisation, Canteen, has applauded the cancer commitments outlined in last night’s Budget Reply.

The $2.3 billion suite of policies proposed by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will include millions of free cancer scans, free consultations and cheaper medicines for cancer patients. Together, this would comprise the biggest cancer care package in Australian history.

Canteen CEO, Peter Orchard, said the organisation really welcomes Labor’s proposed commitments to substantially reduce the out-of-pocket costs for cancer patients and their families for both scans and the cost of medical specialists.

“Canteen knows all too well the very significant financial burden that cancer places on young people and their families. The implementation of this policy will really ease this very significant burden as young people and their families deal with the enormous challenges of cancer,” Peter said.

Canteen and Deloitte released a report last year which revealed the lifetime cost to the Australian economy for all of the young Australians diagnosed with cancer in just one year as $1.4 billion.

Both parties’ healthcare commitments are vital steps forward in recognising and addressing the huge expense that comes with a cancer diagnosis and will ease this financial burden.

“We also applaud the commitment that both major parties have made to the funding of clinical trials and medical research which is critical to improved survival rates for young cancer patients, particularly sarcoma, brain cancer and leukaemia patients.

“This funding is vital to allow Canteen to continue its work in funding cutting edge clinical trials for these high lethality cancers, which otherwise would not be available to most young patients,” Peter said.

Every day around 63 young people (aged 12-25 years) are confronted with a cancer diagnosis – whether it is their own or that of a parent, brother or sister. One in 125 Australians are diagnosed with cancer by the age of 30.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in young people, accounting for 10 per cent of deaths.

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