Canteen Champion Abhi

Submitted by Ellie_Canteen on 06 May 2024
06 May 2024

In a remarkable feat of courage and endurance, cancer survivor Abhi has completed the gruelling 250-kilometre ultramarathon in the Sahara Desert, known as the toughest foot race on Earth. Abhi, who was supported by Canteen during his cancer journey, undertook this incredible challenge to raise funds for us to show his appreciation for our support during his toughest time.  

Abhi's journey to the ultramarathon started as a way to stay fit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 22, he viewed this opportunity as a second chance at life, a chance to pursue his passion for running and adventure. His cancer journey gave him a new perspective, motivating him to push his limits and do things he truly enjoyed.  

Preparing for such a demanding race required immense dedication. Abhi trained rigorously, running six days a week and even braving the scorching temperatures of the Australian outback to acclimate to the desert climate. The race itself was a six-day stage race, with competitors running different distances each day. Despite the extreme conditions and challenges, Abhi completed the race in 51 hours, firmly establishing himself as a middle-of-the-pack runner. 

Throughout the race, Abhi proudly wore a bandanna representing Canteen, a symbol of his commitment to raising awareness and funds for us. His efforts have already raised an impressive $35,000, showing his dedication to giving back. 

When asked about future challenges, Abhi mentioned a desire to climb Mount Everest, completing a trilogy of fundraising efforts that also included swimming the English Channel and running a marathon. While he may not be returning to the desert anytime soon, his determination and spirit continue to inspire. 

Join Abhi and raise funds to support young people impacted by cancer. Visit our website to create your own fundraising challenge or to register for events all across Australia.