Policy and advocacy

Our policy advocacy work aims to influence governments and other stakeholders to ensure they prioritise the needs of young people and their families who have been impacted by cancer. We advocate in local, national and international arenas, build powerful partnerships and empower young people to stand up and be heard.

What is policy and advocacy?

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policy iconPolicy

What to influence

Broad statement of goals, objectives and means that create the framework for activity.

advocacy iconAdvocacy

How to influence

Action taken in support of a particular policy or cause.


  • Improve access to quality healthcare services for young cancer patients and survivors.
  • Enhance psychosocial support programs and resources.
  • Promote educational and employment opportunities for young people affected by cancer.
  • Reduce disparities and ensuring equitable access to care and support.

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Policy and Advocacy
Policy and Advocacy
Policy and Advocacy

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Policy and Advocacy
Policy and Advocacy
Policy and Advocacy
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