Young person with cancer in triathlon fundraiser

Submitted by Analytics oa on 21 Feb 2023
21 Feb 2023

Updated 1 March 2023

Felix was diagnosed with a rare tumour in his chest on Christmas Day in 2021. He has had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to remove the tumour, which have all so far been unsuccessful. Despite this - and while still undergoing radiotherapy - Felix wants to give back and is taking part in the Huskisson Triathlon with eight friends to raise funds for Canteen.

Felix took part in the Huskisson Triathlon at the end of February with eight friends and so far they have raised more than $55,000 for Canteen!

Ahead of the triathlon Felix was interviewed on The Morning Show about his incredible story, how Canteen has supported him and his incredible triathlon effort.


felix and his friends competing in the triathlon
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