Why donate on Bandanna Day 2022

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25 Oct 2022


When Elliott was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma at age 18, it wasn't just his physical health that suffered...

His mental health was impacted too, and he experienced anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts during his treatment.

“I just couldn’t deal with fighting anymore.”

After he went into remission, Elliott battled with chronic lung disease, and was eventually put on life support when both of his lungs collapsed.

“I was in a wheelchair, barely able to walk without passing out, and this had a massive impact on my mental health.”

When Elliott reached out to us, he was able to access counselling through Canteen Connect, which gave him the support he needed to stand up to cancer!

"Thanks to Canteen, I learnt that it's okay to talk about my thoughts and feelings, and I feel safe knowing that I can always reach out for support."

By donating on 28 October, you'll be helping to provide young Australians like Elliott with access to free counselling sessions, giving them the tools they need to stand up to cancer throughout their diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Support our Giving Day and help young Australians like Elliott stand up to cancer!

Donate on 28 October and double your impact!