Unique & inspirational gifts for cancer patients - Collaboration with Annie-Renae Winters

Submitted by Analytics oa on 14 Feb 2022
14 Feb 2022

Are you looking for a gift for someone with cancer or a gift that fundraises for people with cancer? Canteen has partnered with Kollab to launch a special lunchbox, with all profits from the sales to be donated to Canteen to support young people impacted by cancer. 

This beautiful artwork was created by Annie-Renae Winters, who is a Kamilaroi woman and grew up on Wiradjuri/Gadigal land. She has worked in education within Sydney independent and private schools for over 10 years. “This work along with my other designs always starts in a place of joy. My goal with my art is for people to feel alive and a celebration of our unique Aboriginal culture in Australia. 

“When I paint, I feel connected to my culture and to the country I live on.” She takes inspiration from traditional styles of Aboriginal art. Focusing on the symbols for coral, shells, water, people meeting and her totem the Kangaroo. It paints a snapshot of the landscape and country we are called to care for. “We always have a responsibility to know country, share it and care for it. I love the bright colour of the Australian landscape I have depicted this in this artwork.”

All profits go directly to Canteen to help youth affected by cancer. 


cancer gift lunchbox