Nate’s story

Submitted by Analytics oa on 18 Nov 2022
18 Nov 2022

Nate was 10 years old when diagnosed with a Grade II astrocytoma, or in simpler terms, a brain tumour. He began treatment straight away, where he spent three weeks in hospital and had seven surgeries in one month.

Since then, his life has consisted of chemotherapy, medication side effects and hospital stays.

Being diagnosed with a cancer at such a young age was extremely isolating for Nate, he didn’t know anyone his own age who could relate to what he has been through. That was until he joined Canteen.

The services Nate accessed are only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters, and we can’t thank them enough.

With his reignited confidence, Nate discovered his passion for cooking and uses it as an escape from the daily struggles of cancer. Click here to download his special Apple and Cinnamon Scrolls recipe!