A milestone moment in cancer support

Submitted by Georgia oa on 13 Jul 2022
13 Jul 2022

By Canteen CEO Peter Orchard, Camp Quality CEO Deborah Thomas and Redkite CEO Monique Keighery


Today marks a milestone moment in cancer support. Our three organisations have been working together for some time to determine how we can make it easier for families impacted by cancer to get the practical and emotional support they need.

We know that 74,000 children, young people and their parents have their world turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis in the immediate family every year. We also recognise that - in addition to making treatment decisions - families impacted by cancer also often face many other issues such as financial pressures, accommodation needs and parenting arrangements.

Dealing with all the different challenges that cancer brings is often overwhelming and can take a significant toll on the mental health and wellbeing of every family member, not just the person diagnosed.

While there are many cancer support organisations providing great services – including Canteen, Camp Quality and Redkite, it can be hard for families to navigate that complexity. When a family is dealing with the turmoil of cancer, finding support shouldn’t be yet another challenge on the list.

That’s why our three organisations are working in partnership to deliver Cancer Hub, where families only need to make one phone call to access the different practical and emotional support services they might need.

The driving force behind Cancer Hub is our shared vision that all Australian families impacted by cancer should get the right support quickly and easily – and as close to home as possible.

More than 90,000 Australians will be supported by Cancer Hub across the next two years through cancer navigation, counselling services and peer connection.

We are also especially grateful to the Minister for Health, The Hon. Mark Butler MP, who joined us today to announce Cancer Hub as well as $3.3 million in Federal Government funding for the initiative.

Cancer Hub is a ground-breaking first step in the partnership between our three organisations. We look forward to an ongoing collaboration where we share our expertise and resources to make life easier for families impacted by cancer.



Cancer Hub will streamline the way that families impacted by cancer with children aged 0-25 get support. They will be able to more easily access the practical and emotional support they need, when they need it. With one phone call to Cancer Hub families can access:  

  • dedicated cancer navigators, who can organise financial support, accommodation or other services when a child or young person has cancer 
  • specialist counsellors and social workers to help manage the emotional and social challenges cancer brings 
  • professional and peer support for children and young people aged 0-25  

Visit Cancer Hub or call 1800 945 215 today.