Franki’s Story

Submitted by Analytics oa on 10 Jul 2023
10 Jul 2023


Cancer started in Franki's life before she was even born. Franki's older sister passed away when she was just one due to a rare cancer mutation and sadly, her dad died from bowel cancer. 

Franki's family decided it wasn’t just a coincidence and because they were a big family with nine siblings, they all made the decision to get tested to see if they had a cancer gene. Thankfully, all the boys in the family received a negative test result but devastatingly three out of the four girls returned a positive result, including Franki.

Sadly, Franki's oldest sister was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012 and passed away in 2019 when Franki was only 18 years of age. 

After everything she’s been through, Franki is thriving as a Canteen youth ambassador, where she helps other young people struggling with cancer in their lives.

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