Five ways to make Valentine's Day special for cancer patients

Submitted by Sara_Pizzinato on 02 Feb 2023
02 Feb 2023

For those diagnosed with cancer, Valentine's Day may look a little different this year. Whether it be your partner, child or parent, you can still show your loved ones how much you care with a gift, gesture or even quality time. Need some inspiration? Keep reading for the top five ways to make Valentine’s Day special for cancer patients. 


1. Plan a surprise outing for them

Organise to take your loved one to one of their favourite places. Whether this is a favourite park, beach or activity, taking time out to show you listen and want to spend time with them is sure to brighten their day. For an extra special outing, take them somewhere sentimental or that sparks a happy memory for them or the both of you. 


2. Cook them their favourite food

This one is for all the foodies or those whose love language is food! Find your loved one’s favourite food, download a recipe from the internet and get to cooking. Make it special by cooking them their favourite comfort-style dinner or gifting them a freshly baked treat. Have them join in for some extra quality time and chance to make the day memorable. 


3. Have an indoor movie night

For a cozy night in, set up some pillows and blankets, pop some popcorn and turn on your loved one’s favourite movie. Whether it is a classic Valentine’s Day rom-com, action packed thriller or thought provoking documentary, the time spent doing what your loved one enjoys will help make the day special and create a lasting memory.  


4. Craft them a handmade, personal card

The saying is true – it's the thought that counts, so dust off those crafting skills and create a personal and unique Valentine’s Day card for your loved one. This is the perfect opportunity to put into words how much your special someone means to you while creating a keepsake they can keep by their side. Want to make it more special? Spend some quality time together and set up a craft station for you and your loved one to create a card each to exchange all while making memories. 


5. Give a gift from the heart

It is never too late to show your appreciation through a gift. Make someone's day while making a difference this year by gifting a Canteen Valentine's Bundle to your special person. With two options to choose from, you are bound to find something your special for them, all while contributing to help young people impacted by cancer.  


Facing anniversaries and celebrations like Valentine’s Day can be a tough time for some, especially for young people and parents impacted by cancer. For extra support, why not join our online space Canteen Connect, where you can connect with other young people going through a similar experience to you, or chat with one of our counsellors. If you're a parent dealing with cancer in your family, get support from our Parenting through Cancer community.