Brent Cubis appointed to Canteen Board

Submitted by Analytics oa on 08 Jun 2022
08 Jun 2022

At Canteen, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Brent Cubis to position of Board Director.

Brent is a chartered accountant who has spent 30 years working in senior finance roles across a range of global companies and industries, most recently as the Chief Financial Officer for Cochlear Limited.

He has worked with charities for more than a decade, as a director and major fundraiser at Can Too Foundation, and as CFO at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Sydney’s dedicated cancer care hospital.

Brent says he’s excited to now join the team at Canteen, and that to him, working in the sector is personal.   

“I lost two close mates to brain tumours in their 40s. They had young families and I really appreciate how much the work being done at Canteen helps everyone affected by cancer.

“My father also survived prostate cancer after going on a new drug trial ten years ago, and he is still with us today as a result of that new drug.”

Brent says that experience really highlighted the incredible importance of cancer research, especially basic research, for which many scientists struggle to obtain funding for, and wanted to do anything he could to help.

“That’s what inspired me to run marathons around the world for Can Too, and with the generous support of friends, managed to raise over $100,000.

“It was wonderful to be part of Chris O'Brien Lifehouse too, as we built the hospital to be one of Australia's leading Cancer Centres where all the specialist services were in one building. The idea came from what Chris had seen when he worked in the United States, but was unlike anything on offer in Australia,” Brent adds.

Similarly, it’s Canteen’s distinctive and country-leading approach to its board structure that appealed to Brent.

Most of the Canteen Board of Directors are young leaders, who themselves have had experience with cancer. On the board, they build skills and confidence, while adding their invaluable voices of experience and understanding. This is complemented by the wealth of relevant experience brought to the board by the Associate Directors.

“I was particularly attracted to Canteen because it is unique in the way its young member directors have also been recipients of their services, and so are very passionate about the organisation and what it stands for. I was also really struck by the innovative approach by Canteen to supporting young people confronted by their own or a family member’s cancer” says Brent.

“I also believe Canteen’s social impact is very significant and I want to be part of that. I feel if we’re in a position to give back in either time or money then we should, and I have been very fortunate with my health, education and career, so I can, and with Canteen, I will.”

Brent is also a Director of Carbon Cybernetics, Non-Executive Director with Silverchain and was previously a Director for Prime Media, until its recent takeover by Seven West Media.


Canteen would like to thank executive search company Heidrick & Struggles for its generous pro bono assistance in finding the perfect fit for our board.