Annual Report

Every year, CanTeen takes great strides forward in supporting more young people affected by cancer in a greater variety of ways and last year was no exception. The biggest news is that young cancer patients will finally have access to cutting edge cancer treatment through clinical trials right here in Australia. This is something CanTeen has been working towards for a long time.

CanTeen Annual Report 2017

CanTeen Annual Financial Report 2016-17

The more detailed Annual Report for 2015/16 was combined with the 2016/17 report, which is available here. A brief summary report is available below:

CanTeen Summary Report 2015/16

CanTeen Annual Financial Report 2015-16

During 2014/15, we implemented world class initiatives to ensure very good outcomes for young people living with cancer and provided more support options than ever before. The launch of CanTeen’s groundbreaking online support service was one of the year’s biggest highlights and means that young Australians whose lives have been rocked by cancer can now instantly get support regardless of where they live.

2014/15 Annual Report 

CanTeen Annual Financial Report 2015