Kate Palmer

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Kate Palmer
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Kate is a leading Australian sporting administrator and has previously been Chief Executive of Netball Australia, leading the largest female participation sport in Australia and the Australian Sports Commission, Australia’s major sport funding body. Kate is an experienced company Director, having previously served as Chair of the Victorian Institute of Sport, a Trustee of the MCG Trust, Director of the International Netball Federation and of TTNL (ANZ Championship).

Kate brings to the Board skills and experience in leading high performing businesses and operating in multi-stakeholder environments. Kate has a proven track record in change management, shaping positive corporate culture and setting the tone from the top through alignment of purpose, values and strategy. Kate believes strongly in the purpose of Canteen and has a strong affinity with organisations that impact positively on the community.

Kate holds an Honours Degree in Sports Science and a Masters in Sport Business and has completed the Williamson Leadership Program and the Cranlana Executive Colloquium – Ethical Leadership.

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Kate Palmer