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Each year another 23,000 young people (63 a day) have to deal with cancer – either their own or a close family member’s. Bandannas are a symbol of hope and empowerment and are worn proudly by young people at CanTeen.

Every bandanna you buy will help CanTeen support young people affected by cancer. So start shopping and show your support!

Your support makes a real difference. Whether you buy a bandanna or give a cash donation, you’ll be helping young Australians like 14-year-old Julia and her twin brother Jeremy who was diagnosed with cancer four years ago.

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Jeremy was just ten years old when he found a lump in his neck. He spent the next three years in and out of hospital, which was also really tough on his twin sister, Julia:

“I didn’t really know what was going on. I remember always being worried and just really confused and thinking ‘Will he be okay?’ It was very scary.”

“Without CanTeen, life would be really different, because I would probably bottle up a lot of things. At the CanTeen camps you have a chance to talk about what you are experiencing and feeling. You meet people in similar situations and they all understand what you are going through.”

You can help fund these peer support programs and counselling services, and make sure young people like Julia and Jeremy have someone to turn to and understands, when cancer turns their world upside down. Please make a generous donation or buy a bandanna today.