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For Bandanna Day on Friday 27 October and throughout the month, CanTeen is calling on Australia to #BandTogether to show their support for young Aussies impacted by cancer, whether it’s their own or a close family member’s.

Your support makes a real difference. Whether you buy a bandanna or give a cash donation, you’ll be helping young Australians like 16-year-old Farrah when cancer comes crashing into their life.

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Farrah’s childhood was all about family, but when she was 12 her little brother, Omaid, was diagnosed with leukaemia, and her close-knit family was ripped apart.

“We used to spend so much time together, but after Omaid got sick I barely saw anyone. We were best friends, but suddenly I couldn’t be with him or my parents. It was just so hard.” 

Like so many young people whose lives have been devastated by cancer, Farrah felt totally alone.

“As soon as I joined CanTeen, oh my gosh, I just felt as if I was home. When you’re a teenager and problems start happening, you just want to run away. Then I found CanTeen and it was a place where I could just feel safe. I hadn’t felt safe in so long.”

You can help make sure young people like Farrah have someone to turn to when cancer is in their life. Please make a generous donation or buy a bandanna today.