Buying a bandanna is now more important than ever –

it helps us provide online support services for young people affected by cancer who are even more isolated at the moment.

National Bandanna Day is the major fundraising and awareness campaign for CanTeen Australia. Held each year on the last Friday in October, this powerful campaign has generated over $30 million to support young people affected by cancer.

1 box of bandannas

Will provide two nights' accommodation for a young person so they can attend an overnight support program and gain skills to help them deal with their cancer journey.

2 boxes of bandannas

Will ensure three regional young people have their flights covered so they are able to attend these important support programs.

3 boxes of bandannas

Will cover the costs of materials for participants, such as craft supplies, journals and paint, to help young people express themselves creatively during these support programs.

Maximise your fundraising

We’ve put together a one stop shop for all your fundraising needs including handy downloadable resources, posters and guides.

Volunteer on the day

Join us this National Bandanna Day as we hit the streets to raise vital funds for young people affected by cancer.

Tate's Story

At 17, Tate was in his first semester at Uni and completely unaware that the pain he was feeling would lead to a life-changing diagnosis. Cancer is the last thing a fit and strong 17-year-old expects, especially not three times over.

How does CanTeen help young people living with cancer?

Counselling and Individual Support

CanTeen counsellors are specially trained to understand the challenges cancer brings. Young people can share thoughts or feelings that other people in their lives might not be able to relate to.

Peer Support and Programs

Life can feel pretty lonely when you’re trying to deal with cancer. Through CanTeen, young people can meet other young people living with cancer who totally get what they’re going through.

Youth Cancer Services

Youth Cancer Services provide specialist, age-appropriate treatment and support for young cancer patients aged 15 - 25. This service is supported by federal funding through CanTeen as well as state and territory government funding,

Health professionals

Health professionals play a vital role in supporting young people living with cancer. CanTeen works with health professionals to provide vital information on how best to support young people facing a cancer journey.

Support CanTeen

Donate today to ensure young people like Tate get the support they need and don't have to face cancer alone.