SA/NT YCS Update

Locally, we have recently advertised for new members for our SA/NT Youth Advisory Group. We’ve had great interest and have a number of new and enthusiastic committee members. Some of our amazing dedicated committee members have welcomed our new members and are working with them to transition in to the committee. Three meetings have been held with the new committee members with lots of ideas being developed to work on in the New Year.

We have also welcomed new staff member, Dr Rachael Chang (Medical Oncology Consultant) who joins us on a short term contract until February 2020.

YCS SA/NT played host at the recent YCS National Community of Practice meeting which was held in Adelaide in conjunction with the COSA Annual Scientific Meeting.  YCS staff and other health professionals with an interest in the AYA cancer field came together on the 11th November for a COSA pre-conference workshop featuring a range of topics including psychosocial challenges of testicular cancer, developing a resource for LGBTI young people with cancer, understanding of AYA cancer within Australia’s First Nations people, medical cannabis and the YCS National Leadership Program. We also heard a number of updates on topics including germ cell tumours, a robotics and exercise study, the Australian Young Cancer Patient Clinical Trials initiative, education and vocation needs of AYA s with cancer and useful apps for clinical trials and improving communication between young people and health professionals.

Day 2 of the Community of Practice meeting saw YCS and affiliated staff spend time in various practice streams sharing experiences and practices from around the country. Practice streams included rehabilitation staff, psychosocial staff, nursing staff and the service delivery advisory group. Music Therapists, Maybelle Swaney (SA) and Steph Zappino (VIC) presented to the psychosocial group about their work.