YCS Community of Practice Meeting - Adelaide 2019

The second Community of Practice meeting of 2019 was held in Adelaide on 11-12 November at the Adelaide Convention Centre alongside the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia meeting. Speakers included an array of experts in the field of AYA health and wellbeing.

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The first day of the meeting included presentations on a variety of topics pertinent to AYA cancer care. Dr Ben Smith and Dr Ursula Sansom Daly provided us with research and clinical perspectives on the challenges faced by AYAs living with testicular cancer. This presentation was followed by Dr. Rick Walker, who provided updates from the Extracranial Germ Cell Tumour Conference and GCT trial. More updates followed: Lokomat Robotics (Morgan Atkinson); Educational and Vocational Needs of AYA with Cancer (Olivia Doidge); Canteen’s MRFF funded Clinical Trials Initiative (Dr Michael Osborn); and Molecular Screening and Therapeutics (Mandy Ballinger). After lunch, we enjoyed presentations from Mairghread Clarke on resources for LGBTI AYAs with cancer and from Kyran Dixon on understanding cancer in Indigenous Australian AYAs, providing us with insight to the unique needs of these populations. Day 1 was closed out by informative presentations on Medicinal Cannabis (Prof Stephen Clarke), AYA and Clinician Communication (Danielle Gessler), ClinTrial Refer and CanRecall-AYA apps (Kerry Kalcher), and the YCS Leadership Program (Terri Soller). Following the day’s events, attendees were given the opportunity to network and further develop connections with colleagues across the country at a drink and canape reception.

Canteen has generously been given permission to share some of these. You can access these presentations here.

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One the second day of the meeting, attendees were invited to participate in one of three practice stream groups (nursing, rehabilitation, psychosocial) to discuss cross-jurisdictional work and the Service Delivery Advisory Group met with a focus on activity data collection for Phase 4 of the YCS which commences mid-2020.

The YCS team will utilise information the evaluation for planning the next meeting, which will take place in Sydney in June 2020. In the meantime, the YCS team will continue to develop the work of the practice streams, and build the CoP Professional Development program, including the Online Learning Platform, a new an online environment where AYA clinicians from around the country can collaborate, communicate with and learn from each other, and Leadership Development Program, providing participants with the opportunity to understand and grow their personal leadership capabilities.

CoP Meeting - Adelaide Nov 2019 - Evaluation Summary