Our fundraisers

CanTeen Fundraisers enable us to talk to a wide range of people directly about our work.

We fundraise in a range of ways in order to continue our work helping young people living with cancer. Face to face and telemarketing fundraising are the most cost-effective ways of acquiring new regular supporters who contribute a large part of CanTeen’s overall income.

Ongoing monthly donations enable us to effectively plan and budget for the future to ensure we deliver the best services for young people living with cancer.

Why do we use these fundraising techniques?

The results from telemarketing and face to face fundraisers speak for themselves. For every $1 we spend on our regular giving program, we get more than $3 back over three years and over the last five years, CanTeen’s income has more than doubled. As a result, we’ve been able to enhance and expand existing programs as well as launch new services to help young people deal with the impact that cancer is having on their life.

These methods of fundraising also mean we can speak to people that we may not be able to reach via more traditional methods of fundraising such as mail.

  • Why does CanTeen carry out telephone fundraising?

Telephone fundraising is a cost effective way for us to engage with our supporters. We use the telephone to ask supporters to donate to us, to increase their current gift if they are able to or re-start previous support.

  • Do you use a telemarketing agency?

Yes, we work with a professional telephone fundraising agency, who act on behalf of CanTeen. Using an agency allows us to contact thousands of supporters every year at a low cost. We take great care to ensure that the fundraisers are well trained.

  • How much do your fundraisers know about your work?

As well as raising funds, our fundraisers are also knowledgeable ambassadors for CanTeen who help us inform the public about CanTeen’s vital programs and services.

We hold regular training sessions and workshops to teach them about CanTeen’s work. We take pride in the knowledge, enthusiasm and quality of our fundraisers.

  • How can I tell if a fundraiser is genuine?

We make our fundraisers easily recognisable. Our face to face fundraisers will be wearing a CanTeen shirt and they also carry an ID badge. They will also have up to date news about CanTeen, our work and will be able to advise where to find out more information about CanTeen. If you still aren’t sure, you can check out the fundraiser locations page for up to date information about the suburbs our fundraisers are currently working in.

  • Who can I contact about your fundraisers?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, or if you would like to speak to someone about our fundraising, please contact our Donor Relations Team on 1800 639 614 or send your question to candofamily@canteen.org.au.

  • When did you start fundraising for CanTeen?

I started fundraising for CanTeen in September 2012

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love going to work knowing what a difference I am making to these young people’s lives. Something so small to you and I is unbelievable in their eyes. The stories you hear make you stop and think how lucky we all are, and meeting some extremely compassionate people along the way willing to help these amazing young people makes me so proud of what I do.

  • Do you know anyone close to you that has been touched by cancer?

When I was little my brother and I always went around to play at my Dad’s close friend’s house with their kids. I asked why his wife lost her hair- but I never got an answer. Sadly I attended her funeral when I was 13, and watched her sons of 4 and 6 say their last goodbyes. From then on I knew I wanted to do my bit to help others suffering from cancer, and helping out these beautiful young people at CanTeen brings a smile to my face every day!

CanTeen Fundraiser Laura