Summer Fun

Summer camps are held all over the country every year for Canteen Members over and under 18. This summer some of our young people canoed down the Blackwood River in South Western WA, had surfing lessons at Kioloa Beach NSW from surfing legend Pam Burridge, kayaking on the Murray River, enjoyed outdoor adventures at Lake Macquarie NSW and much more!

Canteen camps give young people living with cancer a chance to meet others who have had similar experiences. Sharing their story in a safe space, learning skills to cope with the challenges of cancer and having a much needed break.

Hearing other people’s experiences and learning about what they do to cope was really helpful

– Canteen Member from the QLD Summer Surf Safari

 It was such a great way to meet new people that know what I’m going through and that we were able to grow so close throughout the whole 4 days, honestly it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

 – Canteen Member from the WA 18+ Adventure Camp

I liked learning different ways to take care of myself, making new friends and having people to talk to who get it.

– Canteen Member from the QLD Summer Surf Safari