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Every day in Australia, 58 young people will receive the devastating news that their parent has cancer and a further five young people will face their own or a sibling’s diagnosis. It’s news that can leave anyone feeling shocked and scared. For parents, there’s the added worry of how their children will be affected. CanTeen research and other studies show that when parents cope better with cancer and communicate openly, their children are less likely to experience distress and anxiety. That’s why CanTeen is launching a new online community to support parents affected by cancer in late 2018.

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What is the Online Parent Community?

CanTeen’s Online Parent Community will be a virtual space where parents affected by cancer can access peer support, resources and professional counselling. The service is launching in late 2018 and will be available to parents or carers with children aged 12-25 who:

  • have or have survived cancer
  • have a partner with cancer or who has survived cancer
  • have a child with cancer or who has survived cancer
  • have lost a partner or child to cancer
Why create an Online Parent Community?

Cancer in the family is difficult. For parents, talking to their child about cancer is one of the most painful and challenging issues they face after the shock of the diagnosis. The Online Parent Community seeks to reduce the isolation felt by many parents dealing with cancer by connecting them with others who have been through a similar experience and providing professional support.

CanTeen research has shown that by improving the level of support for parents and the family as
a whole, we can make life more bearable for adolescents and young adults – helping them to cope better with the devastating ordeal of cancer and improving long-term psychosocial outcomes.

How will this service work?

The Online Parent Community will allow parents to interact with each other and with professional counsellors, all within an easy-to-navigate online platform. Parents will be able to:

  • access forums where they can discuss their experiences with others in similar situations
  • share their experiences through blog posts and read and comment on blogs written by other parents
  • talk to a specially trained CanTeen counsellor using instant messaging or phone
How will this help parents to help their children?

The Online Parent Community will promote individual and family wellbeing by helping parents to:

  • communicate about cancer with their children
  • develop skills to cope with their cancer experience
  • learn from the experiences of other parents
Why CanTeen is the best organisation to deliver the Online Parent Community

CanTeen has a proven track record in establishing and supporting a thriving online community for young people (aged 12-25) living with cancer as well as excellent working relationship with many hospitals and clinicians across Australia.

More than anything, we understand the wider impact that cancer has on a family from more than 30 years’ experience of supporting young people.

CanTeen staff are qualified professionals with extensive experience in working with families impacted by cancer, and they are well equipped to support parents in the new online community.