The Hunter Cancer Hub

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The first of its kind, the Hunter Cancer Hub is a collaboration between eight cancer services and aims to provide a one stop shop where families can easily access all the support they need.

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Cancer presents an overwhelming set of challenges, from accommodation, financial hardship to mental health. That is why we have come together to address the needs of the Hunter community from one location.

The Hub is for cancer patients of all ages, their families, friends, and carers to make what is a challenging time a little easier by having access and connection to Newcastle based cancer services under one roof.

The Hunter Cancer Hub is a great starting point for individuals, family and friends touched by cancer. When people start looking for support, they start with the Hub, and we will help them access the many services that are available.

We can also reach more people and share our knowledge and resources between Canteen, Camp Quality, Cancer Council, Leukaemia Foundation, Sleapy’s Foundation, Hunter Melanoma Foundation, Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation, and Little Wings.

To find out more about the Hunter Cancer Hub launch click here.

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Wendy's Story
We have been on the cancer journey with our daughter for over 11 years. Aside from the medical considerations, the emotional well-being of all family members, the financial pressure, the educational consequences and the social impacts have been all very challenging to work through. Having all those services available in one location, like The Hunter Cancer Hub, would certainly have helped with our awareness of the support offered, saved time and emotional energy in seeking help. It would have provided us with a starting place in among the chaos that is living with cancer.