If Sam could say one more thing to his Mum, it would be “I love you Mum.”

He misses his Mum every day.

“She was everything to me. Everything,” he said. Sam was devastated by the grief he felt when his Mum passed away. He hid himself away in his room or buried himself in his hoodie, pulling it low over his face. He rarely smiled.

Can you imagine having your Mum die when you’re barely 12? And not only to have to deal with that grief, but because you have no other immediate family to care for you, you don’t know where you’ll go?

All Sam’s Mum had wanted was for her two children to stay together, but eventually Sam and his younger sister were sent to live in separate homes. At such a young age Sam had lost everything he had ever known. He was scared, lonely and grieving.

But then Sam reached out to CanTeen and thanks to the generosity of people like you, he was no longer alone. CanTeen was there for Sam and he was given the second chance he deserved.