Do you know a young person who spends their evenings after school and weekends dedicated to their dream? Chelsea was one of those young people.

Most teenagers don’t know what career they want. Chelsea was different. A dedicated and talented dancer, one day her knee began to hurt. Her doctor ordered an MRI thinking it was muscle damage.

Instead, her Mum had to tell her she had bone cancer. And the doctor said she would never dance again.

She underwent intense treatments including chemotherapy that left her vomiting and unable to stand, and major reconstructive knee surgery that meant she had to learn to walk again. After treatment, she felt lost. Anxious and self-conscious about her baldness and scar, she didn’t have her usual outlet for stress. Left unable to dance she didn’t know what to do, and many of her friends couldn’t understand or relate.

CanTeen connected her to a community of young people who knew what it was to face cancer. She met others further along in their recovery, and supported new CanTeen friends who were just coming out of treatment themselves. Cancer stole Chelsea’s dream of being a professional dancer, but she’s adapting. She’s so thankful to be alive and is excited for her future. She helps teach young kids dance, and thinks she may want to be a school teacher.

Do you know a young person like Chelsea who leaves you in awe of their resilience?