For as long as Sam could remember, her Mum had been sick, it was a normal part of life.

Sam was just 18 months old when her Mum was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Her childhood was filled with doctor offices, hospital visits and surgeries. It was her normal.

Although Sam knew her Mum wasn’t well, she always had hope she would get better.

But she didn’t.

Sam’s Mum became more and more sick and eventually Sam was so aware of her suffering, she knew the right thing to do was tell her Mum it was okay to let go.

You can go, you don’t need to be in pain anymore, Mum. It’s okay.’ I couldn’t bear to watch her being sick and in so much pain.”

Can you imagine having your 11-year-old child so aware of your pain that they understood the compassion of letting you go? Even if it was breaking their heart?

Thankfully, one of the last thing’s Sam’s Mum did was connect her to CanTeen. She knew we would be there for Sam when she was hurting most.

The thought of losing your own Mum, Dad, brother or sister to cancer seems unbearable. But when it does happen, we need young people to know they’re not alone. Please give a Christmas gift today to ensure young people like Sam have somewhere to turn when grieving the loss of a loved one to cancer.

We’re there for young people like Sam because of people like you. Thank you.