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Most people couldn’t do what Darren did. When his Mum was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and was given less than a year to live, he put his life on hold so he could spend as much time with his Mum as possible as her full-time carer.

Darren spent every day in the hospital with his Mum, heartbreakingly she passed away the one moment he wasn’t there. Darren had left the room to buy chocolate for the nurses as a thank you, and when he returned his Mum had died.

Darren’s world continued to fall apart after his Mum’s death. He struggled with feelings of guilt and sadness knowing his Mum was alone at the end.  CanTeen supported him after the toughest 11 months of his life and gave him a chance to process his grief and connect with other young people who knew exactly what he was going through.

Do you know any young person who would put their whole life on hold like Darren did for his Mum?